Kinderkinetics is a unique & specialized profession that provides a supportive base for early childhood development.  Our therapists, who have a passion for children, instruct small groups and individual remedial lessons to overcome delays, and surpass developmental milestones.

The focus lies on maintaining, strengthening, improving and optimising physical and motor skills.

We also focus on the rehabilitation of physical, psycho-motor and neuro-motor deficits, with the goal of optimising your child’s’ wellbeing & development.

Research has proven that there is a relationship between children with motor deficits and low scholastic achievement.  During the “window of opportunity”, effective and specific stimulation of different skill sets is critical in building a base for the rest of the child’s developmental years.

Children learn through movement.  Fundamental motor skills must be taught, to avoid learning problems in other areas that can surface during middle childhood.

A Kinderkineticist has a three year BA degree in Human Movement Science, Honours degree in Kinderkinetics and is a registered SAPIK ( member and SAQA

Kinderkinetics aims to improve the following:

  • Large-muscle development
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Body consciousness
  • Spatial orientation
  • Hand-eye and foot-eye coordination
  • Motor planning
  • Fine-motor skills
  • Vestibular function
  • Improvements for school readiness
  • Low muscle tone
  • Visual stimulation
  • Infant development

Kinderkinetics is a research-driven profession that exists to fill the developmental void, caused by inactivity, technology and lack of physical stimulation that children had 20 years ago while climbing trees, walking to school, cycling etc.

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